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Submitted on
June 13, 2012


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Im glad to say that another contest will be held. This time it's two! The contests are
:bulletyellow: fan fiction contest.
             Needs to have a summer theme
           Examples: beach,fireworks,BBQ party,pool party,ect.
            Can be yaoi,Yuri,Hentai, in other words it can be perverted as fuck!
             The story does not have to be a happy ending your able to make the story messed up,depression,have irony,ect.

I'm sorry if it's winter where your from. But don't worry there will be a winter contest when it's winter where I'm from. If a winter contest is wanted by popular demand that that will be another contest.

:bulletorange: mascot contest
                 You can draw a mascot for this group!
                  Could be either male or female
                 Yes! Your able to use animation  like they blink or wave hello,what evert your little hearts wants!
                The mascot could also be a animal or creature like an angle or a fairy,ect.
  The mascot can be more than one person. The limit is two people.
The mascot NEEDS to be writing or look or looks like there writing. An example or that will be out group icon. The person is writing. Something like that is what I'm looking for.

:bulletpink: prizes
   1st Place- there Very own folder just for their work!
gets a six page story of their choice by:iconkandykitten1994:
a llama from the both of us
Allowed to be a judge for the next contest
And watch from me kibalover028 and they work favorited

2nd Place- get a two page story or a long poem from:iconkandykitten1994:
A lama form the both of us
And a watch from Kibalover028
3rdPlace- get a shorter poem by:iconkandykitten1994:
All with their names included. If they wish.

:bulletblue: deadline
You people are going to have a long time for this. The contest ends Stepember 1st!! That's way more than enough time to enter.

:bulletred: how many times your able to enter
For both contest your able to enter twice^^
And able to enter in both contests
  Needs to be a new work or yours for both contests

I hope you all enter!!!!! Get a start on your entry today~!!^^

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Ooo, another question, if I were to do Yaoi type thing, or just, well yeah, how limited is it? Can it be made with adult material, or no XXX stuff? xD
kibalover028 Aug 31, 2012  Student Writer
You can make it as you want and are yout more confuse as to add your work to the folder or smithing your work to Deviantart?
Well, like if I were to upload one, how would I send it to the folder.
Like how would I make ya'll recognize it so you know its for the contest.

And so, when you say 'I can make it as I want,' that does mean if its a bit er...sexual....XXX shit, that won't be ignored, right?
kibalover028 Aug 31, 2012  Student Writer
No I will tottaly read that,if you like you can link your work and I will add it in the folder for you.
:3 OKies. And OKies, it is almost done. :)
I'm new at this, so it might not reach all standards, I don't know. :P
And thanks, I should link it to you in a note, right?
kibalover028 Aug 31, 2012  Student Writer
It's alright as long as your try your best:-) and I can't wait to read your work
OK. IM JUST SO INSECURE. So weird sexy sexy gay sex scene won't freak you out? right?
kibalover028 Aug 31, 2012  Student Writer
It will tottaly be alright
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Stupid question, but I've never done this before. How would you send it to the right folder? I'm confused on uploading it.
FlyingPhoenixFire Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've got one, just got to finish it up and edit it! ^^
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